Kinoo Properties


Repository of significant land and building resources, the company resolved to undertake property development on strategically located sites with a view to increase the financial yield of its land asset.

Kinoo Properties was created to lead this initiative in an environmentally and economically sustainable way.
Ever since, we have delivered a significant portfolio of integrated commercial properties. We have in the process built a dynamic team of young professionals who work alongside leading planners, architects, engineers, builders and landscapers to create landmark developments.

Kinoo Square

Kinoo Square, the groups landmark development, is located opposite the North bus station, was officially inaugurated in January2012 in the presence of the then Finance Minister Honorable Xavier Luc Duval.

Hosting reputed brands, Kinoo Square is the ultimate shopping destination in Port Louis and comprises more than 30 shops and services, a food court and secured parking amenities.

Since opening its doors, Kinoo Square has revolutionized the shopping experience in Port Louis and has become an leader in retail and dinning in the region. Building on its strategic location, the mall is also an attraction for tourists.

Kinoo Square has earned a national reputation for entertaining guests from unique animations by star animators and rewarding shopping experiences. By hosting more than 100 events each year, the Mall has become the place where fans can meet and greet their favourite celebrities or take part in interactive, one-of-a-kind events.


Every day, hundreds of mall walkers use the Mall as a place to exercise and socialize with fellow walkers. Thousands of individuals have registered with Dance in the City and Ceragem Mauritius for health and fitness classes.


The centre has been carefully designed to welcome disabled persons along with a well trained security staffs who ensure the mall safety, security and at the same time providing a friendly atmosphere to customers.


Kinoo Sons Ltd
The company was founded in 1978 by late Mr Isoof Kinoo, the Father of Mr Eyaz Kinoo. The company deals in property business and its head office is located in the heart of the capital city of Mauritius, Port-Louis. The building sits on about 2,600 square meters. There is a project in the pipeline to pull down the building and built a modern and luxurious shopping mall. This complex will house shops, offices and food court.

Canary Wharf Ltd
Is the owner of a plot of land of 402.67 m2, opposite the one owned by Kinoo Sons Ltd. The construction of a 4-Storey modern commercial and office complex is build and is operating since October 2010.

ENK & sons Ltd
This company owns 2 three-storey building in Port- Louis.

Ey-Noor Co.Ltd
Is the owner of a commercial complex “City Centre market” of 326.69 m2 situated in Port-Louis (opposite Fanfaron police station) at Gare du Nord. It houses shops and foodcourt.

Asset portfolio Ltd
Is the owner of a plot of land of 1698.97 m2 near ‘la gare du Nord’ at Port Louis, on which Kinoo Square Phase 2 has been build. The mall consists of 90 outlets and 75 parking spaces.

Our Contacts

  • 3rd Floor Kinoo Square, 1 Dr Joseph Riviere St, Port Louis, Mauritius
  • +230 217 0701